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Therapist for Children and Adolescents

Meet Nuria - Our Child Therapist Specializing in Ages 10-18

Are you looking for a caring and experienced therapist for your child or teen? Nuria at Feel Happy Counseling and Coaching in Windermere, Florida, specializes in helping minors aged 10-18 navigate through life's challenges. With a warm and supportive approach, Nuria is dedicated to helping her clients achieve their goals and find happiness.

Specialized Therapeutic Approaches

Nuria is fully bilingual (Spanish and English) and employs a blend of effective therapeutic techniques tailored to meet the unique needs of each young client:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Nuria utilizes CBT to help minors identify and change negative thought patterns and behaviors. By teaching practical skills, she empowers her clients to manage emotions and develop healthier coping strategies.

Play Therapy: Recognizing the importance of play in child development, Nuria incorporates play therapy techniques to create a safe and engaging environment. Through play, children and teens can express their feelings, work through trauma, and learn problem-solving skills in a natural and enjoyable way.

Solution-Focused Therapy: Focusing on solutions rather than dwelling on problems, Nuria guides her clients toward setting achievable goals and finding positive outcomes. This approach fosters resilience and encourages proactive thinking among adolescents facing various life transitions.

Compassionate Care for Your Child's Well-Being

At Feel Happy Counseling and Coaching, we understand that each child and teenager is unique. Nuria takes the time to build a trusting relationship with her clients and their families, ensuring a supportive and confidential therapeutic experience. Whether your child is struggling with anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, or adjusting to changes in their life, Nuria is here to provide compassionate care and practical guidance.

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Why Choose Nuria?

  • Experience: Nuria has over 20 years of extensive experience working with minors and understands the challenges they face in today's world.
  • Customized Approach: She tailors her therapeutic techniques to suit the individual needs and preferences of each young client.
  • Positive Outcomes: Nuria is committed to helping children and teens achieve their goals and improve their overall well-being.
  • Safe Environment: Feel Happy Counseling and Coaching provides a safe and welcoming space where minors can express themselves freely and without judgment.

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If you're ready to support your child or teen on their journey to emotional well-being and personal growth, contact Feel Happy Counseling and Coaching to schedule an appointment with Nuria. Together, we can help your child build resilience, develop healthy coping skills, and thrive.

Contact us today to schedule your first appointment with Nuria. Your child's happiness and well-being are our priority at Feel Happy Counseling and Coaching.

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