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I am humbled by the reviews and testimonials of those I have helped achieve their goals of happiness.

K. Gonzalez
"The first step to change is knowledge in an environment that is non judgmental, empathetic and understanding. This is what Judy has provided into my life. She is a woman that is full of wisdom, love and compassion. Someone that will believe in you even if you don’t. She will encourage you in the tough times and provide the right tools to gain emotional stability and CONTROL over your life, thoughts and emotions. You will definitely be able to unlock the amazing human beings that we all are inside and get you passed you life fears and traumas. As long as you show up and practice what she teaches your life will change one week at a time. Judy has made an impact in my life and in my children’s life because if YOU are better everyone around you will be as well. Thank you Judy for all that you have done 🧡"

C. Fournier

Dr. Judy Irizarry has proven time and time again to be a very thoughtful therapist! Very diligent and attentive! Showing great flexibility to adopt virtual resources and open to dialogue. Additionally, as a fully bilingual (spanish-english) practioner, she has been able to close the language barrier. We are truly grateful for Dr. Judy

J. Ayala

"Judy has be a delight to work with. She really have a kind and understanding approach since the day we met. With Judy help she help me get through an exhausting and draining time of my life. It's still early in my journey yet the progression has been impressive and I feel so relieved that I took the steps to better myself. So if your feeling confused, uncertain, down, unheard, or misunderstood then I would recommend taking the time to give Judy a visit and talk it out. You have nothing to lose except that heavy feeling that you don't have to carry on your own."

J Barney

Judy Irizarry has helped guide me along with my husband into a healthier way of thinking and feeling about each other and life. Extremely happy to have met her.

S. Vargas

I’ve been seeing Judy Irizarry for about 6+ months I believe and she has been an amazing person to work with! She helped me a lot when I was going through hard times. She never judged me, was a good listener, and she never made me feel uncomfortable. I highly recommend asking for Judy, she’s great!

O. O’Shaughnessy

I’ve been seeing Judy at Total Life Counseling for a few months now and have had an amazing experience. She has been extremely helpful, supportive, and very compassionate. She has guided me through a multitude of things and has helped me grow in many ways, i am so grateful to have her as my therapist.

T. Edgehill

I started counseling with Judy in mid November 2020. I was on an emotional rollercoaster when I started, weighed down by family issues, fear of the unknown and a lack of appreciation for the goodness of having peace of mind. Judy helped me to navigate the minefields, to unlock my inner demons and helped me to understand why I made such awful decisions in my life. I appreciated the sharing of her personal challenges to reinforce the message she was imparting to me and today I consider her to be a friend, someone that I could lean on when life takes unexpected turns.
Today, I am at peace with my new decisions and am excited about the roads ahead no longer fearful of this journey called life.
Thanks Judy for your counsel, input and understanding. I appreciate you.

E. M.

My name is Edmond and I have been seeing Judy more than a year and she really changes my view as person a husband and a father . I Would like to thank you for how professional you are and taking the time to explain sharing life experiences with me for that I am greatful wish you well keep up the good work you are changing lives I am a living proof of that thank you again.

M.  Baggio-Deibler

Judy is an amazing Psychologist!   She helped me face depression and trauma. Her treatment improved my psychological and physical health. She really cares about her patients and teaches them how to modulate nervous system imbalance through exercises and changing focus after grieving and facing angry moments.
I started therapy feeling numb and socially detached. After 6 months, I am happy, grateful and socially engaged. She also helped me on my marital relationship. I have learned that I am a deserving person and that self care is vital.
Thank you so much Judy for all of your help. I definitely recommend her services to anyone.

R. Lott

Judy at Total Life Counseling is absolutely amazing. My husband and I have been seeing her for almost a year. She not only listens well but educates us as well. It’s been a great experience.

J. Arteaga

Judy has been really helpful. She's a really nice person and I feel really comfortable talking to her. Just to sum it all up, she's amazing at her job and I would recommend her to everyone that's seeking counseling. Ask for her, you wont regret it.

B. Dj

I started by going under therapy or couples counseling. I can say that Judy helped us in many important areas for a relationship, such as communication, respect, courage, and many others. It felt very good to talk to her, and following her advice and putting it into practice has been the best.

A. Raghu

Judy is such an amazing woman and qualified professional at Total Life Counseling! Seeing her regularly has added positive qualities to my life. I recommend her always.

A. Nasr

I see Judy once a week for therapy. Simply put she is amazing. She is very professional, understanding, and judgement free. Thanks to my weekly sessions I have started on the path I was always too afraid to take. If you are at a crossroads in life, depressed, or just feel like everything is too difficult, I would highly suggest setting up an appointment. I certainly don't regret doing so.

I. Wells-Marion

Judy is a phenomenal counselor, the best I've had thus far. She is very perceptive, kind, and takes a sort of holistic approach to our sessions. After months of seeing her I've not only seen improvement in the single issue (career counseling) that sent me to her in the first place, but in just about every other aspect in my life!

J. Deibler

Three months ago, I would have said I didn’t need therapy. But I kept struggling with internal conflicts that effected my relationships with others, filled me with guilt, and left me in a perpetual state of anxiety.

Avoiding pharmaceutical solutions because of past prejudices, I decided to give counseling an honest shot. And that’s when I met Judy.

Skeptic but determined to find the source of my anxieties, I promised myself to be honest and stay open no matter how vulnerable I felt. She would listen and understand. Then point out my erroneous thinking patterns and give me alternative ways of looking at things. After the first session I was able to sleep better. As my guilt decreased so did my anxiety. Doing self-work has affected those around me and my relationships have improved.

I don’t know if I’ll ever fully slay my demons, but with her guidance I have been armed with the ability to re-frame the negative thoughts that hold me back, surround me with fear and keep me from joy. Thank you, Judy!

W. Sosa

Judy is truly amazing! My wife and I learn, realize and grow so much after each session it’s incredible. Really thankful to have found Judy .

J Lynch

Judy helped me to overcome anxieties with several strategies or methods. At the same time my husband died and she worked me through the stages of grief.  Of course, these things take time but I’m able to help myself now.

A. Torres

I have a great a experience with Judi. She is very knowledgeable, honest, attentive, trustworthy and provides great information that have benefited me greatly. She speaks English and Spanish, giving me the opportunity to accurately express myself.

K Sawyer

Judy is helping me find a new path out of my comfort zone and have a healthier life.

The Nicki and Sam Sisters

Judy is such a great therapist. She helps you see and admit things you wouldn’t to yourself. She takes her time and is such a nonjudgmental person and she doesn’t just say it she shows it as well. 10/10

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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

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